• Image of Moto-Bunka Crossover DVD

The much-anticipated Crossover DVD from Japan's Moto-Bunka is here. Filmed over six years and a fair few continents, this is a full-on production, clocking in at just short of an hour, and featuring people like Daisuke Shiraishi, Kenzo De Witte, Seth Ethier, Tom Sanders, Osomatsu Kazuei, Nobohiro 'Pegy' Matsuda and a whole load more.

Filmed with a double-camera, dual-angle attack, Crossover merges modern approaches to street riding with a beat-heavy, high-tech editing flavour and a few throwback touches—like quick voiceovers and even a brief commercial break to advertise a burger shop. A real high-quality affair.

Also comes with a 20 page booklet featuring some classy photos.

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