• Image of Maintain IV - Temporarily Permanent (Hardback Edition)

One for the high-brow collectors out there... an ultra-classy hardback edition of Rob Dolecki's already dead swanky Temporarily Permanent book.

This is the fourth chapter of Dolecki’s Maintain series – and without going too overboard, it’s a true high-quality masterwork the likes of which are rarely seen within the world of 20 inch wheeled bicycles. It’s basically a hefty book of photos taken around the world – showing classic photos from Rob’s archives, as well as the often unfortunate state of the spots today.

It probably goes without saying that the photos are ace, with some particular standouts of Will Taubin, Grimaldo Duran and Bob Scerbo, but there’s more to this than just high-class snaps, and you’re also treated to the story behind the spots from the people who rode them and an eloquent introduction from Scerbo and Rob himself.

A real treat.

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