• Image of 90East Neighbourhood Watch DVD/Zine

Here it is... the new DVD from Boston's 90East. Nearly 30 minutes of mind-bending peggery from Shane Byrnes, Kyle Richards-Connolly, Abdul Fofanah, Sam Jones, Seth Ethier, the main-man Lino Gonzalez, Justin Dickinson, Zack Cooke, Webster Jake, Terrence O'Brien, James Meliota, Kyle Anzelotti and Jake Frost.

Basically, it's a lot of people with full-time jobs riding the sort of spots you'd actually want to ride.

Also features a few bonus bits including nearly 20 minutes of 'Daily Operation' videos originally seen on Instagram, four minutes of dodgy crashes and a short friends section as well. And if all that wasn't enough... there's a full-colour 16 page zine of photos from the making of the video too.

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