• Image of 90East In The Field EP DVD/Cassette

In the Field is the new video from 90East featuring progressive peggery and general wise-guy spot use from such people as Lino Gonzalez, Jake Frost, Seth Ethier, Shane Byrnes, Kyle Richards-Connolly, Abdul Fofanah, Sam Jones, Justin Dickinson, Zack Cooke, Webster Jake, Terrence O'Brien, James Meliota and Kyle Anzalotti.

Weighing in at just over 13 minutes - it's an EP (as in an Extended Play) as opposed to a full-length Etnies-style bore-fest, and like all the best EPs, it's a short and sharp hit, void of all unnecessary chaff.

The soundtrack also deserves a mention. Specifically produced by Boston's Grubby Pawz, the seamless beats help those clips flow together particularly smoothly. Rather than a secondary afterthought, it's given equal footing with the riding - and comes on its own translucent green cassette for those who kept hold of their old Walkmans.

As you've probably deduced from these few sentences - a fair bit of thought has gone into all this. Quite a rare thing in a sea of by-the-numbers video editing and obnoxious music choices.

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