• Image of Terrible One Peelers Zine

64 pages
Black and White

Peelers is a zine made by Terrible One main-man Joe Rich, featuring photos and musings from Joe himself, Bob Scerbo, Ryan Worchester, George Carlin and more.

Here's what Joe had to say about it... "I can still remember the first zine I ever saw. i was in middle school and a few of the dudes I knew that skated and snowboarded together put it out. I was immediately hooked and have been a big fan of them ever since. The pages can be filled with anything you want them to be. We did a great run of zines from the start of T-1, till the end of 2004. There was always an added bit of every over here whenever we were working on them. "Peelers" is something I've wanted to do for way longer than it took me to finally put it together. The first move with anything in life is usually the toughest. I just picked these up, and am very stoked to be able to offer this fine collection. Spanning 64 pages of glossy black and white goodness, are photos, thoughts and stories from a great group of friends that I've made over the years."

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